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July 6, 2016


The Texas Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology is closed. Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Weidman have retired. Dr. Smith has joined the practice of Dr. Rocio Harbison. He can be reached after August 1 at (713) 796-9466.

We are not processing any more requests for records.  They may be obtained from Veritrust after July 22 by calling (713) 263-9000. If you previously requested records and have not received them please let us know by FAX. The FAX number will be available until July 15. That number is (713) 796-2343.

No prescription refills are available.

May 16, 2016


        Dr. Keith D. Smith, M.D. has reconsidered his decision to retire. He will join the practice of Dr. Rocio Harbison and begin seeing patients in that office on August 1, 2016. Until June 30, 2016, he will continue to see his patients at his present location.

        Appointments after August 1, 2016 should be scheduled through Dr. Rocio Harbison’s office at (713) 796-9466. Dr. Rocio Harbison’s office utilizes Electronic Medical Records. You are encouraged to get a copy of your present paper records. Records will be stored off-site after June 30, 2016, and will require a fee to obtain. After seven years all paper records will be destroyed.

Dr. Rocio Harbison’s website:

March 22, 2016

Announcement for TIRME Patients

The Texas Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology (TIRME) will close its doors on June 30, 2016. Drs. Keith D. Smith, Luis J. Rodriguez and E. Russell Weidman are retiring.

To obtain a copy of your medical record before July 1, please FAX or mail a signed note containing your name, date of birth, address, phone number and the date when you would like to pick up the record.  If you want them mailed to you, there will be a charge for postage.

After July 15, 2016 your medical record will be at VeriTrust ( ).

You can obtain a copy of your medical record by calling 713-263-9000. If you wish your medical record released to another physician we recommend that you have the record sent to you, so that you can make a copy for yourself before sending it to the other doctor.

We will be unable to refill medication prescriptions after July1, 2016. You will need to consult another physician for prescriptions after this date.

The following are physicians that we recommend:

1. Endocrinology:

- Dr. Rocio Harbison (7400 Fannin, # 855, 713-796-9466)March 22, 2016

General Endocrinology, Thyroid, Diabetes. Speaks Spanish

- Dr. Cristina Boccalandro (6624 Fannin #2380, 713-800-6212)

General Endocrinology, Thyroid, Diabetes. Speaks Spanish

- Dr. Steven Petak or one of his associates at Methodist Hospital Endocrinology (6550 Fannin #2380, 713-441-9081). Dr Petak was a member of TIRME for 24 years. General Endocrinology, Thyroid, Osteoporosis, Male Reproductive Endocrinology

-Dr. Eric Orzek (10023 S. Main #C4, 713-797-9922). Thyroid, Diabetes

2. Infertility / Female Reproductive Endocrinology:

- Dr. Candice Perfetto (7400 Fannin #1180, 713-790-9900)

- Dr. James Nodler (7400 Fannin #910, 713-465-1211)

3. Gender Identity Issues:

- Denise O’Doherty (713-524-9525)

- Dr. Hunter Hammill (7400 Fannin #1118, 713-799-8994)

- Dr. Rocio Harbison (7400 Fannin #855, 713-796-9466)

4. Gynecology:

- Dr. Jonathan Faro (7400 Fannin #930, 713-383-9579)

- Dr. George Grunert (7900 Fannin #4400, 713-512-7851)

- Dr. Carlos Medrano (7400 Fannin #800, 713-797-1100) Speaks Spanish.

5. Urology / Male Reproduction:

- Dr. Russel Williams (9190 Katy Fwy #101, 832-358-8600)

- Dr. Larry Lipschultz (6624 Fannin #1700, 713-798-4001)

These names are only suggestions. You should consult your primary care physician about the best specialist for you to see.

The physicians of the Texas Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology thank you for allowing them to practice their beloved medical specialty for so many years.

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